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ADSL Internet Plans

Want the best deal on cheap ADSL broadband internet in your area? The MercHome team can get you connected to the cheapest internet plans with unlimited data and guaranteed minimum upload and download speeds. Find a plan with no contract, the fastest speeds, the lowest prices, and more.
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Cable Internet Plans

Considering a reliable cable plan with no data caps and a speed to suit your home internet usage? Want a free modem or access to nationwide WiFi hotspots? MercHome will compare your options and help you choose the best Cable Internet plan for your home. Save money on your internet bills with MercHome.
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Fiber Internet Plans

Ready to experience the ultimate in lightning-fast fiber internet 2019. The MercHome team has tracked down the best promo deals for fiber internet. We have great plans available at a speed and price to suit you. Choose from 100Mbps to an incredible 1,000Mbps all at the lowest prices available.
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