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Need a home security system but confused about the options and don't know where to start?
MercHome makes it easy to secure your home and keep your family safe with discounted smarthome security bundles.
Our discounted offers include devices that allow you to monitor your home from anywhere using a smartphone app.
Get the cheapest prices on indoor and outdoor security cameras, motion sensors, video doorbells, and smart locks.

A Comfortable SmartHome

Make your home comfortable for the whole family. You’ll love MercHome’s low prices on the latest SmartHome technology. Get access to bundled deals and incredible special offers from leading suppliers. Find out how much you can save.
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SmartHome Thermostat

Get a great deal from MercHome on a remotely controllable thermostat with temperature sensors. Integrate with your heating & cooling system to keep you comfortable and help save energy. Enjoy full climate control with programming / scheduling from your smartphone.
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SmartHome Internet

Effortlessly connect your home with amazingly fast WiFi & Ethernet with advanced encryption and security features. You’ll have the freedom to stream, work, and play in every room of the house. Integrate with Alexa & your SmartHome security products.
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Want to hear about the best special offers on the full range of SmartHome products for complete home automation?
MercHome has access to special wholesale discounts and bundled plans that include the full range of SmartHome products.
We'll help you save money by passing on those savings to you.
Get the home of the future now with the best SmartHome deals and cheapest prices from MercHome.


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